Rockport Center for the Arts – Oct 1, 2011 – Ecuador and Galapagos


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Rockport Center for the Arts (October 1 – 9)

9 Days, 8 nights

Group size limited

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Leading this travel experience will be Diane Johnson, Art Center Board Member, and a seasoned world traveler – she led our first group to Guatemala in 2010 her jaunts include Thailand, Bhutan, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador and many United States destinations. Diane’s love of travel, intellectual curiosity and infectious sense of humor, ensure that our Ecuador travelers will meet a welcoming host on their tour.

“An objective of our Travel Program is to provide an exciting opportunity to engage our community of friends and members in unique travel experiences and expand the awareness of Latin American art and culture” ….. Beverly Trifonidis, Executive Director.

This amazing adventure includes, among the many highlights: visits to private haciendas, birding and photographic opportunities, indigenous arts and crafts venues, and a five day trip aboard a cruise ship exploring Darwin’s famous Galapagos Islands (a once in a lifetime opportunity).  You will witness the indigenous who still live and survive as they have for hundreds of years; people who are happy and at peace with the beauty they are able to weave into their textiles, with the produce they grow and sell at their markets, with a blend of pagan rituals and Christian beliefs, with simple lives not totally influenced by the need for modern technology. The Spanish influence on architecture and design, blended with many other cultures offers up a landscape that you will find simply delightful.

So, pack your bags and get your expectations in gear for this travel experience of a lifetime to Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands, where volcanoes and ancient earthquakes have created one of the most beautiful countries in the world; where you will enter into a provocative existence of ancient civilization with western influences; where you will travel in the wake of Charles Darwin and his famous ship HMS Beagle, as you explore one of the most pristine examples of “life uninfluenced” remaining in the world, the Galapagos Islands.

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