Terry Gay Puckett – Jan 28, 2012 – Guatemala and Copan


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Terry Gay Puckett (January 30 – February 8, 2012)
10 Days, 9 nights

Maya Ruins of Copán Option
Jan 28 – 30, 2012

Group size limited

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This travel adventure with Terry Gay provides a unique experience which will take you to scenic and colorful venues throughout Guatemala. The hotels, excursions, special events, and cuisine will be unique and luxury all the way. You will relax in the splendor of the renowned Hotel Atitlán and “the most beautiful lake in the world”, on Lake Atitlán, surrounded by three volcanoes and twelve Maya Indian villages. Here the indigenous population lives, speaks, dresses, and practices its religion as it did hundreds of years ago. The markets and the colorful countryside all make you want to return again and again. There will be lots of time to explore villages, bargain hunt in the markets, photograph, relax, and paint on this trip.

In Chichicastenango, you will experience the colors, traditions, and the Maya people selling their goods as they have done for hundreds of years, in the most fascinating market in all the Americas.

Step back into time over 300 years as you enter the time-locked colonial town of Antigua where you will stay in the beautiful Palacio de Doña Leonor, former site of the home of the daughter of Pedro Alvarado, conqueror of Guatemala. Built in the 1540’s, the Palacio today is an elegant mansion tastefully decorated to invoke 17th century luxury.

So, pack your bags and get your expectations in gear for this travel experience of a lifetime to Guatemala, where the rich tapestry of ancient Maya cultures and traditions woven in with historical European influences has all come together; where extinct volcanoes and ancient earthquakes have created one of the most beautiful countries in the world; where you will enter into a provocative existence of ancient civilization with western influences.

The “optional” trip to the Maya Ruins of Copán, Honduras will allow you to experience one of the most artistically advanced and elaborate of all the Maya cities. Copán is known for its classic Maya temples, altars and stelae, and is one of the greatest treasures of ancient art and architecture in the Americas.

Travelers, friends and artists all are invited to join Terry Gay Puckett’s Explore Guatemala Cultural Tour. The beauty and culture of the Maya await you in Guatemala; you’ll have the most memorable and fun experience!

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