Wyn Kalagian – Feb 4, 2012 – Ecuador and Galapagos


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Wyn Kalagian  February 4 – 13, 2012
10 Days, 9 nights

Galapagos Island Option
Feb 13 – 18

Group size limited

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Join Wyn Kalagian in Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands for an experience you will remember forever! You will stay in 400 year old Haciendas, visit Spanish colonial towns and colorful Inca Markets, and travel throughout the Andes with scenery that will capture your heart forever.

Explore Old Town Quito, a Spanish Colonial center built over the ashes of what was a major part of the Inca Empire. View dramatic panoramas of ice capped volcanoes, pastoral scenes of colorfully dressed indigenous herders watching sheep, and llamas grazing in windswept fields of grass as we travel through the Andes, and what is known as the Avenue of the Volcanoes.

Experience Otavalo, one of the world’s most famous indigenous markets where the people arrive at dawn by the mountain trails surrounding the city from nearby villages and towns to sell their products woven on back strap and Spanish treadle looms. Stay in a hacienda built from important archaeological Inca ruins, haciendas converted into luxurious hotels, as well as “working” hacienda where you will experience everyday life activities.

Galapagos Islands Option: Charles Darwin’s Galapagos Islands in a cruise ship is an amazing life experience and included in the book, “1000 Things to See Before you Die”  by Patrica Schultz. Swim with penguins and giant sea turtles. Discover exactly what Darwin did; nature at its most innocent and truly communing state. You will walk inches from sea lions and iguanas; come eyeball to eyeball with giant Albatross – none of these animals fear humans.

Villages, marketplaces of the Incas, Avenue of the Volcanoes, working haciendas, and much more await you in beautiful Ecuador…come join us on this adventure of a lifetime.

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