Wyn Kalagian – Feb 7, 2011 – Guatemala and Copan


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Wyn Kalagian – Feb 7 – 16, 2011
10 Days, 9 nights
Group size limited

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Wyn Kalagian, Wyn began to really develop her painting skills in earnest when she retired from a lengthy nursing career in 2000. Her painting education has taken her to Vermont, North Carolina, Florida, New Mexico and Guatemala. She has studied from well-known artists such as Jeanne Carbonnetti, Jean Grastore, Jan Hart, Robert Burridge, Lila Lewis Irving and Tom Lynch.

Wyn first learned the magic of watercolour painting but now has embraced acrylic painting because of its versatility and richness. Her paintings are full of bright colour and magical qualities. She has participated in the Pumphouse Studio Tour, her own Art in the Garage show and Willowbank Art Shows. Since she appreciates and embraces what she has experienced and accomplished through her painting classes, she loves to share her painting knowledge with other who would like to undertake the same magical adventure.

..a reflection of Wyn Kalagian’s painting style: “The essence of a scene on canvas enables the viewers to use their imaginations to finish the scenes for themselves. The hope is that an impression of things half-real and half-remembered will speak to the viewer in a special way. An adventure is created between the painting and the viewer.”

This Cultural Tour provides a unique travel experience which will take you to scenic and colorful venues throughout Guatemala. The hotels, excursions, special events, and cuisine will be luxury and five star all the way. You will step back in time over 400 years as you enter Antigua with its Spanish Colonial appeal and charm. From Spanish colonial architecture, monasteries, courtyards with fountains, cathedrals, and bougainvillea draped ruins, to its romantic surroundings, this town is considered one of the most beautiful in Central America and is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You will travel through the highland mountains to the famed Lake Atitlán, often called the most beautiful lake in the world, surrounded by majestic volcanoes and a dozen Maya villages. In Chichicastenango, prepare for your senses to overwhelmed by the colors, textures, and sights of this world renowned Maya market. You will be enthralled by many other fascinating experiences and beautiful venues that await you on this magical journey.

Travelers, friends and artists of all media are invited to join Wyn Kalagian’s Explore Guatemala Cultural Tour. The beauty and culture of the Maya await you in Guatemala; you’ll have the most memorable and fun experience!

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