Gayle & Barb (Feb 26 – Mar 7, 2012) – Guatemala and Copán


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Gayle & Barb – February 26 – March 8, 2012

Cultural & Textile Tour of Guatemala

Copán Optional Add-On February 23 – 26, 2012

12 Days, 11 nights

Group size limited

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Join Gayle Jacobson & Barbara Frasier, textile and fiber arts lovers, teachers, and lifelong learners, as they take you to textile “paradise”, Guatemala; a fascinating excursion through Maya villages, markets, and even the homes of the indigenous, to observe, learn, and be up close and personal with these masters of thread and design.

This journey through the land of the Maya is designed for those with an interest in textiles, fiber art, weaving, embroidery, and hand dye methodology. These traditions and techniques, when observed in context with the spiritual and cultural lives of the Maya women, make the journey even more fascinating. You will have an opportunity to learn from the Maya artisans as well as the renowned instructor and textile authority Olga Reiche, whose German grandfather moved to Guatemala and married an ‘indigina’ from Coban. She grew up in Guatemala City and studied social work. Olga then opened a store in Antigua called OJALA to help the Maya women sell their textiles, and her interest in the fiber arts has been growing ever since. In 1990 she met Ana Roquero, a Spanish author researching a book on natural dyeing with plants found in the Americas. Olga assisted with her research and since then has become an expert on natural dyes and Guatemalan textiles. She’s had a variety of retail textile stores in Antigua and most recently founded the INDIGO Textile Center in Antigua, Guatemala.

Gayle and Barb have been to Guatemala previously and are returning with a more exploratory and learning itinerary delving into the colorful fiber work of the Maya. So, pack your bags and jump on board for the textile experience of a lifetime. Come learn about the tradition of weaving and embroidery, and the spiritual connection the Maya have to the woven thread and the process.

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