Guatemala Weaving Workshops


An Exceptional Program – A fabulous opportunity to learn and work directly under the supervision of skilled Maya weavers. Few countries in the world have an indigenous textile tradition as dramatic as that of Guatemala. The Guatemala Weaving Workshop is designed to teach you the history of weaving in the Maya culture, how to select the finest materials and the art of back-strap weaving.

The Maya live a quiet and dignified life much as their ancestors did, weaving and wearing almost the same costumes. When Alvarado conquered this land of the Maya in 1524, he reported valuable and intricate textiles found there. Like their ancestors, today’s Indians are still known for their unique tribal weaving methods.

The Workshop and Setting – The Weaving Workshop is located at the Hotel Atitlán, on the shores of Lake Atitlán, surrounded by towering volcanoes, terraced mountainsides and colorful Maya Indian villages. Aldous Huxley called this lake “the most beautiful lake in the world”. The class is conducted in a thatched roof studio amidst botanical gardens overlooking the lake – a tranquil setting that lends it to creative awakening and renewal.

For maximum personal instruction the workshop will be divided into small groups working under the direction of skilled Indian weavers. This is a stimulating and intense workshop of about five hours of detailed instruction per day in the unique ancestral weaving techniques of the Maya Indian. Afternoons will be free for exploring the nearby villages, nature walk and butterfly habitat.

Our workshops in the arts, part of a unique and well-planned travel experience, are for individuals seeking a life-expanding experience and education. Whether a homemaker or a business person who wants to pursue their dream of ‘I wish I could do that” or an artist who wants to stretch their talent or creativity to another level or someone who just needs a breather from the day to day humdrum.

This Weaving workshop/tour can be arranged for interested groups of 10 or more. Contact us