Mar 182010

“The trip was so unbelievable. Each place we visited was more exotic than the one we left. I could hardly absorb it all. The details that you went to for our convenience were just extraordinary…”

Ann, Lexington, Kentucky

I want to thank you so much for such a beautiful trip….As far as I am concerned it was absolutely great and so emotional……Of all the trips with the group, this is the one that I will always remember, besides we had the chance to visit so many beautiful places, and the group painted more than any other trip.

Graciella, Kaye Franklin Workshop/Tour

Guatemala with Jan and Explore Guatemala was a revelation, a travel experience very different from the usual tour.  Our hotels were destination attractions in their own right.  The introduction to contemporary Mayan culture presented a world of which I, at least, had no previous inkling.  The massive 17th and 18th century remains in Antigua, conjure up still another distant civilization.  Designed for artists, the trip is a treat for all.

Bill, Jan Ledbetter Workshop/Tour


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