Mar 182010

Dear John and Anita,
What a wonderful experience Fred and I had with you all in Guatemala. With delightful surprises around the corner at unexpected moments, the trip was truly an unforgettable one for me. I think I’m still in “re-entry phase”. I have so many wonderful memories of our trip that I tend to spend more time wallowing in them! I would especially like to thank you both for the opportunity to have an experience I never dreamed possible.
Thayer, gail Mcdaniel Art Workshop/Tour

Thank you so much for all the wonderful surprises on the trip throughout Guatemala! The special things we saw and experienced were beyond any expectations and I can see why you have such a love for that country. I cannot come up with words to describe the overwhelming experiences I encountered. It was all “breathtaking”! Thanks so very much for all the real life experiences! Words are so inaccurate. I know you have affected many people in a similar way through your work in Explore Guatemala!
Ruth, Artist, Gayle Weisfield Cultural Tour

My sincerest thanks to you and Anita for putting on such a great tour. Roberto was nothing less than FANTASTIC. His attention to detail, his ongoing safety precautions, his help, attentiveness and genuine caring ways took the trip “over the top” for me. All the “little happenings” I experienced were wonderful.
Cathy, Cultural Tour

Just the biggest thank you ever! I had the very best time and I am finding it very hard to come down to earth back here. Every moment was a fabulous experience. You both did an incredible job offering enough visual and physical experiences to please and exhaust us all. Thank you so much for the best trip ever! Everyone was more than pleased, especially with the Palacio. That was the best!
Marki Rowe, Group Leader Cultural Tour

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