Mar 182010

Dear John and Anita,
I cannot thank you enough for the great time I had. What a magical time you both created for me. I am still in la la land and can’t believe this trip is over. The amenities were of the finest caliber and the service and attention were first class. Yes I will absolutely talk about this trip for a long time.
Thanks, Carmen, Bob Burridge Art Workshop/Tour

Dear John and Anita,
My heart is still filled to overflowing with the amazing experience of our Guatemala trip with you and Bob and Kate and all the wonderful group members. This trip was very significant for me for many reasons. but most importantly for me was that it was an affirmation of my life and my wholeness and my recovery from illness. Early this year I underwent surgery, radiation, etc for treatment of breast cancer. Having had it twelve years ago, this was the second go round for me. In addition, I have been dealing with an extremely difficult and tragic situation with my daughter. This trip was exactly what I needed to have an opportunity to just be alive and creative and joyful. I have travelled a great deal all over Europe, but this was my first trip to Central America and it has made me eager for more. Thank you for the taking good care of us and teaching us so much. Blessings, Angela, Bob Burridge Art Workshop/Tour

Hi John & Anita
You’re right, it was a very special holiday; one of the best in my life.
Happy travels to both of you.
All the best, Sheila, Sara Eyestone Tour

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