Mar 182010

Dear John & Anita,
Thank you so much for such an excellent, memorable, informative, luxurious and completely entertaining 10 days. Guatemala, who would have thought it’s such an amazing country! The way you both travel and care for everyone was truly outstanding. You helped make my birthday something I will never forget, truly over the top! I look forward to another explorer adventure with you both. Stay healthy, well and wise, and continue to laugh.
All the best, Natalie, Artist

Dear John & Anita:
It may take weeks or longer for me to process and percolate on my short time in Guatemala. I appreciate all of your efforts to craft such an amazing experience for me, and for the other people in my (Robert Burridge) group. I am very grateful, and so glad that I participated in such a unique opportunity!
Thank you so much!!
Sincerely, Katherine, Bob Burridge Art Workshop/Tour

Dear Anita and John,
I am sitting here in chilly old England, being barely willing to come out of the dream of Guatemala and all those fabulous experiences of sights, sounds and smells. I have travelled a fair amount but have never had such meticulous and thoughtful hosts. Thank you for all you did to make my/our stay so perfect – I surely fell in love with Guatemala and hope to be back someday, if not Guatemala, then hopefully, Ecuador. I will certainly follow your adventures with great interest and hope to see you again on one or t’other of them.
Silvia, Bob Burridge Art Workshop/Tour

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