Mar 182010

Hello John and Anita,
I can’t think of anything we left in Guatemala except perhaps a part of our heart!! It was truly a wonderful trip and we appreciate everything you two did to make it so memorable. We hope to return someday and we will tell everyone we know about Explore Guatemala. Good luck on your travels – please keep us posted.
Warmest regards,
JoAnn and Morris, Bob Burridge Art Workshop/Tour

Hi Anita and John! There just aren’t words to express how fantastic the Guatemala trip was for me! I am still relating stories and am bragging about my night in the tree house in the jungle and the “zip” line adventure. Every base was covered by the two of you and you can certainly count me in if it happens again next year. You outdid yourselves and it was so appreciated by all of us.
Carol, Gayle Weisfield Cultural Tour

I loved all unusual experiences & the beauty of the people & places you selected. Your organization of the whole thing was admirable. It was so enjoyable being with you both, and with everyone in the group. Glad you had fun with them too. There were lots of enthusiastic WOWs on the plane back. Wish that great weather had followed us home!
Lesta Frank, Painting Instructor

We have been showing our photos to our friends and all are impressed with the beauty of the country and the richness of the culture. And they are also impressed with the wonderful accommodations you arranged for us.
Our Guatemala trip was one of the best we have taken. We think it was the perfect combination of comfortable hotels, great food, interesting excursions and exciting adventures (think “zip line”). We especially appreciate the opportunity to get a glimpse into the lives of people who still live and dress in some of the traditional ways. Thank you for putting together such a varied and interesting tour. Bob and Heather, Gayle Weisfield Cultural Tour


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