Mar 182010

John and Anita: I hope this finds you home and partially rested from what I know was an exhausting schedule as you both trekked with all of the Wisconsin contingency last week in Guatemala. As Bob Bush said: “I have never traveled with agents such as Anita and John, who were with us completely during our trip. They were with us at every event, available at all times and shared the long days and wonderful venues and were most kind, thoughtful, and helpful in every way.” I think that sums up everyone’s satisfaction with the experience of Guatemala. Of course the highlight of the journey was Antigua and the whole of Semana Santa, but the experience of Tikal, Lake Atitlan and Santiago, Chichicastenango, and the coupe of getting the V-P of Guatemala, Eddie Stein, and Mickey and Mark to join us in a superlative dining experience and an opportunity to learn where and what Guatemala hopes to be, were hardly secondary. Your daily itinerary and planning was very complete and thorough. Every day was an adventure, well developed and timely and I felt that the pace was really perfect considering the variability in age and stamina of the group. Thank you both for the great work you did and the wonderful opportunity to know our continental neighbors so much better. It was a rare treat and long to be savored and enjoyed.
Mike, CEO (YPO) Group

Thank you both very much for the superb trip.
Having no expectations I was continually surprised by the vast dimensions of everything…Tikal; the lake; the history and culture; the processions; the presenters and especially you, our guides, who took us through the… ”exploration…” Thank you for a most enlightening Holy Week,
Hope all is well in San Antonio….Love, Mimi, CEO (YPO) Group

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