Mar 182010

“The trip was so unbelievable. Each place we visited was more exotic than the one we left. I could hardly absorb it all. The details that you went to for our convenience were just extraordinary…”

Ann, Lexington, Kentucky

I want to thank you so much for such a beautiful trip….As far as I am concerned it was absolutely great and so emotional……Of all the trips with the group, this is the one that I will always remember, besides we had the chance to visit so many beautiful places, and the group painted more than any other trip.

Graciella, Kaye Franklin Workshop/Tour

Guatemala with Jan and Explore Guatemala was a revelation, a travel experience very different from the usual tour.  Our hotels were destination attractions in their own right.  The introduction to contemporary Mayan culture presented a world of which I, at least, had no previous inkling.  The massive 17th and 18th century remains in Antigua, conjure up still another distant civilization.  Designed for artists, the trip is a treat for all.

Bill, Jan Ledbetter Workshop/Tour


Mar 182010


I would like to say how much I enjoyed my recent painting holiday with Tony van Hasselt, and to thank you both for such a well organized and great 12 days (including our trip to Tikal). Everything was just first class and, from my point of view, just enough painting time combined with sightseeing. I was most impressed with Guatemala; the countryside very interesting, and of course Lake Atitlan was absolutely beautiful. I think the thing that impressed me the most was the colorfulness of the Maya, and especially the children when we were painting in Santa Catarina Palopo.

Enid, Tony van Hasselt Workshop/Tour

Roberto was a superlative guide — knowledgeable, eager to share, kind yet efficient (that Teutonic influence), and great sense of humor. The experience of sketching in the marketplace with the local ladies was eye-opening and exciting. Our accommodations were excellent, the food was very good, the landscape exotic.  The special trips to Sr. Guzman’s studio and to visit Cameron Krummel and his family were remarkable additions to an already satisfying itinerary. Each day was a treasure.  Thank you for the many memories!

Linda, Jan Ledbetter Workshop/Tour

Mar 182010

John and Anita,
What a privilege and honor it was to teach an Explore Guatemala Painting Workshop for you! Thank you so very much for giving me this opportunity…..
As you know, I really enjoy the teaching experience and having such avid interest during the workshops, with so many positive artist’s comments during and after the workshops, is indeed most rewarding. I enthusiastically look forward to teaching more workshops for Explore Guatemala
Jan Ledbetter, Painting Instructor, Groups Guatemala – Ecuador

Dear John and Anita,
It has been a week now and I can still hardly believe it’s over. I want to thank you again for hosting the most wonderful trip. I believe the trip inspired each one of us in a very different and personal way.
Thanks again…many, many thanks!!!
Enamored with Guatemala,
Kris, Carol Koutnik Art Workshop/Tour

Mar 182010

Dear John and Anita:
Where to start with my “thank you’s”? You gave our group so many varied experiences in Guatemala that relate to the mind and soul of artists. All I can say is THANK YOU. Thank you for the very special experience you gave to me of a country that is obviously very dear to your hearts.
Marilyn, Artist

Dear Anita and John,
Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring 10 days in Guatemala. You did not miss a detail in planning interesting people to meet, comfortable and interesting hotels, delicious food at lovely restaurants and a grand introduction to exploring beautiful Guatemala! We had a grand time.
Hasta la vista, Phil and Betsy, CEO (YPO) Group

Mar 182010

Dear John and Anita,
What a wonderful experience Fred and I had with you all in Guatemala. With delightful surprises around the corner at unexpected moments, the trip was truly an unforgettable one for me. I think I’m still in “re-entry phase”. I have so many wonderful memories of our trip that I tend to spend more time wallowing in them! I would especially like to thank you both for the opportunity to have an experience I never dreamed possible.
Thayer, gail Mcdaniel Art Workshop/Tour

Thank you so much for all the wonderful surprises on the trip throughout Guatemala! The special things we saw and experienced were beyond any expectations and I can see why you have such a love for that country. I cannot come up with words to describe the overwhelming experiences I encountered. It was all “breathtaking”! Thanks so very much for all the real life experiences! Words are so inaccurate. I know you have affected many people in a similar way through your work in Explore Guatemala!
Ruth, Artist, Gayle Weisfield Cultural Tour

My sincerest thanks to you and Anita for putting on such a great tour. Roberto was nothing less than FANTASTIC. His attention to detail, his ongoing safety precautions, his help, attentiveness and genuine caring ways took the trip “over the top” for me. All the “little happenings” I experienced were wonderful.
Cathy, Cultural Tour

Just the biggest thank you ever! I had the very best time and I am finding it very hard to come down to earth back here. Every moment was a fabulous experience. You both did an incredible job offering enough visual and physical experiences to please and exhaust us all. Thank you so much for the best trip ever! Everyone was more than pleased, especially with the Palacio. That was the best!
Marki Rowe, Group Leader Cultural Tour

Mar 182010

Dear John and Anita,
I had a wondrous miracle happen today; a USPS Express mail letter came bearing the wallet I lost in Guatemala (including ALL contents!!!) Included was a very nice typed letter explaining they found the wallet in the hallway at Casa Santo Domingo, and had called the concierge to find me, but we had just checked out. They even had a money order made for the exact amount of cash I had in my wallet rather than sending cash via mail. WOW! They even apologized for the lateness. Incredible eh? This makes an even more perfect ending to the fabulous trip I took.
Natalie, Bob Burridge Art Workshop/Tour

Hello John and Anita,
I wanted to thank both of you for making our trip to Guatemala everything, and ‘more’ than we could ever expect. This was definitely the best vacation/adventure I have ever taken. Loved all the surprises and camaraderie! Guatemala is a beautiful country and I want to return soon. I’ve already been talking with my Toastmaster groups about your excellent planning and management of the group. Also, your knowledge of the country helped give us fast information and guided us to the best and most unique places to visit.
Thank you for a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed myself.
Sincerely, Lynn, Bob Burridge Art Workshop/Tour

John & Anita,
It was one of the best trips I have ever been on and my art is on a new level to boot. Thank you so much for my wonderful trip and the opportunity to make new friends! I left my heart in Guatemala, it is very happy there, so please let it stay until my body can return.
Jim, Bob Burridge Art Workshop/Tour

Mar 182010

Dear John and Anita,
I cannot thank you enough for the great time I had. What a magical time you both created for me. I am still in la la land and can’t believe this trip is over. The amenities were of the finest caliber and the service and attention were first class. Yes I will absolutely talk about this trip for a long time.
Thanks, Carmen, Bob Burridge Art Workshop/Tour

Dear John and Anita,
My heart is still filled to overflowing with the amazing experience of our Guatemala trip with you and Bob and Kate and all the wonderful group members. This trip was very significant for me for many reasons. but most importantly for me was that it was an affirmation of my life and my wholeness and my recovery from illness. Early this year I underwent surgery, radiation, etc for treatment of breast cancer. Having had it twelve years ago, this was the second go round for me. In addition, I have been dealing with an extremely difficult and tragic situation with my daughter. This trip was exactly what I needed to have an opportunity to just be alive and creative and joyful. I have travelled a great deal all over Europe, but this was my first trip to Central America and it has made me eager for more. Thank you for the taking good care of us and teaching us so much. Blessings, Angela, Bob Burridge Art Workshop/Tour

Hi John & Anita
You’re right, it was a very special holiday; one of the best in my life.
Happy travels to both of you.
All the best, Sheila, Sara Eyestone Tour

Mar 182010

Dear John & Anita,
Thank you so much for such an excellent, memorable, informative, luxurious and completely entertaining 10 days. Guatemala, who would have thought it’s such an amazing country! The way you both travel and care for everyone was truly outstanding. You helped make my birthday something I will never forget, truly over the top! I look forward to another explorer adventure with you both. Stay healthy, well and wise, and continue to laugh.
All the best, Natalie, Artist

Dear John & Anita:
It may take weeks or longer for me to process and percolate on my short time in Guatemala. I appreciate all of your efforts to craft such an amazing experience for me, and for the other people in my (Robert Burridge) group. I am very grateful, and so glad that I participated in such a unique opportunity!
Thank you so much!!
Sincerely, Katherine, Bob Burridge Art Workshop/Tour

Dear Anita and John,
I am sitting here in chilly old England, being barely willing to come out of the dream of Guatemala and all those fabulous experiences of sights, sounds and smells. I have travelled a fair amount but have never had such meticulous and thoughtful hosts. Thank you for all you did to make my/our stay so perfect – I surely fell in love with Guatemala and hope to be back someday, if not Guatemala, then hopefully, Ecuador. I will certainly follow your adventures with great interest and hope to see you again on one or t’other of them.
Silvia, Bob Burridge Art Workshop/Tour

Mar 182010

John and Anita
That was the greatest workshop EVER! Bob and Kate were the BEST!
Thank you again for all your handholding and hovering as mother hens, caring for your chicks. Just the greatest experience! Please keep me on your mailing lists.
Gayel, Bob Burridge Art Workshop/Tour

We were lead into a wonder of sights and experiences that left us all reeling. Please keep me on you ‘wander list’. I am a true fan of yours. Life is to be lived and John and Anita are truly on the Top of my list for the very best travel planners. Well done! I enjoyed the entire trip and congratulate you for a Top Notch job. Sincerely,
Lynn, Bob Burridge Art Workshop/Tour

Hi John and Anita,
Thank you so much for a wonderful Guatemalan adventure. We were all so lucky to have you looking after us. Everything went so smoothly and I would love to come back someday. I can`t think of anything I would have wanted changed. You are both so good at this and I hope you both enjoy it as much as we all did.
Thanks again, Donna Jean, Bob Burridge Art Workshop/Tour

Just a note to say thanks again for a wonderful trip. I know everyone was pleased and happy. Congratulations. I am strongly thinking about Ecuador.
Sue, Bob Burridge Art Workshop/Tour

Dear John and Anita
Firstly, I want to thank you for a magical and truly wonderful art tour. It was an incredible experience and I am looking forward to joining you on another tour. You both took such good care of us. John, I really appreciated your comments on my paintings. It is so exciting to know that a painting “speaks” to someone and that I have expressed my “energy” for others. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks again to you both.
Wyn, Bob Burridge Art Workshop/Tour

Mar 182010

Hello John and Anita,
I can’t think of anything we left in Guatemala except perhaps a part of our heart!! It was truly a wonderful trip and we appreciate everything you two did to make it so memorable. We hope to return someday and we will tell everyone we know about Explore Guatemala. Good luck on your travels – please keep us posted.
Warmest regards,
JoAnn and Morris, Bob Burridge Art Workshop/Tour

Hi Anita and John! There just aren’t words to express how fantastic the Guatemala trip was for me! I am still relating stories and am bragging about my night in the tree house in the jungle and the “zip” line adventure. Every base was covered by the two of you and you can certainly count me in if it happens again next year. You outdid yourselves and it was so appreciated by all of us.
Carol, Gayle Weisfield Cultural Tour

I loved all unusual experiences & the beauty of the people & places you selected. Your organization of the whole thing was admirable. It was so enjoyable being with you both, and with everyone in the group. Glad you had fun with them too. There were lots of enthusiastic WOWs on the plane back. Wish that great weather had followed us home!
Lesta Frank, Painting Instructor

We have been showing our photos to our friends and all are impressed with the beauty of the country and the richness of the culture. And they are also impressed with the wonderful accommodations you arranged for us.
Our Guatemala trip was one of the best we have taken. We think it was the perfect combination of comfortable hotels, great food, interesting excursions and exciting adventures (think “zip line”). We especially appreciate the opportunity to get a glimpse into the lives of people who still live and dress in some of the traditional ways. Thank you for putting together such a varied and interesting tour. Bob and Heather, Gayle Weisfield Cultural Tour